Membership Drive Incentive Package

2017 Membership Drive - June 2016 to February 10, 2017

Goal: to encourage a stronger presence and growth of the Branch’s Federation Members (chefs)

Membership fee reduced from $197.25 to $125.00!

Incentive valid through to January 31, 2017

Full-time working Junior - $55.00
Enrolled student Junior - $30.00

Individual Associates - $110.00
              benefits apply to the individual only – not transferable
Business Associates - $125.00
              2 representatives for the business can attend NVICA events

March 2017 AGM - success of the Membership Drive will be reviewed


Membership is available to all persons who actively seek and involve their career paths as a cook apprentice, journeyman cook, professional chef/cook, hospitality or foodservice industry professions.

National Federation

Cooks & Chefs with either Journeyman Certification (Red Seal), Canadian Armed Forces TQ5 or has over 5 years full-time industry experience (Red Seal or equivalent).
Apply online.

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National Junior

Enrolled in a culinary program or has not exceeded 5 years of full-time industry experience.  Provides for membership during one’s apprenticeship or course of study in a food service environment or recognized school of culinary training. The applicant may retain junior membership until they have attained certification as a Journeyman after which the member will be invited and required to become a Federation member. More information>>


Open to companies and/or individuals in the foodservice industry or related areas. Examples include: Farmers, Seafood Harvesters, Food Producers, non-Red Seal Culinary Teachers, Retailers & Foodies.
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